The Blogger’s Block: how events can make you feel uninspired

I haven’t written on my WordPress for a long time now, and I guess it is because the flow of the events that recently hit me has distracted me a lot.

If I don’t keep on writing I won’t improve my English writing skills, I said to myself, so I have decided to write a little just to get used to that again.

I’m probably going to write the most useless post ever, but I guess I need to start somewhere somehow, right?

Honestly, I believe I wasn’t very much inspired because of this bunch of unstoppable events – the graduation ceremony, the loss of a relative, disappointment from some people I care about, the volunteering project, the surgical operation, the application I’ve sent to the University for a MA in Translation and Interpreting, the TOEFL test and so on….

For the most part, I was mentally busy; a moltitude of feelings, ranging from the brightest happiness to the purest disappointment, has fogged my mind.

It’s not that I don’t know what to say, I’d actually love to write about many things. It is that I don’t know how. It’s like having a bottleneck at the bottom of your brains, where your thoughts are relentlessly trying to go through all together like a bunch of rushing cars driven by Greeks or Southern Italians. A total mess, basically.

Some people suggest to take a long break when you feel blocked. Well, the idea makes me very anxious, and I want to break the circle.

So yes, I don’t care how bad this post is, I will keep on posting useless stuff until inspiration comes back.

And you, do you know any good way to get rid of the writer’s block?



How I joined the SEO experts group on Elance: my SEO test results

As most of you already know, Elance is one of the best platforms where any freelancer – from SEO consultants to Designers – can look for a suitable job.

Once you sign in and complete your profile, it is highly reccommended to take a few tests to prove your skills – depending on your field of expertise.

Being myself a SEO content writer, I have taken a SEO skill test in order to gain access to the SEO Experts group on Elance. The purpose of being part of a group on Elance is one of the keys to become a successful, reputable and known freelancer, although not everyone can access to the group: as a matter of fact, you must pass the test first.

Meta tags usage, SEO techniques, search engines algorithms and much more were all included in the test ; I admit I’ve found it really hard to give the right answer, since it seems to be a little ambiguous.

SEO techniques and other related topics indeed, are often a controversial and somehow an ever-changing topic, and while some experts agree on certain aspects, some other disagree on those.

I must also confess that, during my test, I have browsed some questions I wasn’t sure of, and I have noticed that many users publish some answers to this test on their blogs!

Well, in my honest opinion, I wouldn’t rely on those if I were you – OKAY, OKAY, I have peeped a little at  those blogs too, and I find most of them totally wrong and misleading.

If you want to get a good knowledge of SEO, I advise you some e-books you may find online, or, if you can afford it, you may want to take some online SEO training classes.

As for my result, I am proud to announce you I am now in the top 10% in Search Engine Optimization on Elance. Yay!

Oh, you thought I’d post my answers? Well, I am sorry if you haven’t found what you’re looking for, but if you need some tips I will definitely help you!

Good luck guyz!


“Quick, cheap, good: pick two” – Translation for dummies

Dear followers,Image

today’s post is dedicated to clients and other people who don’t know exactly what are the implications of a translation.

And generally, those kinds of people are the same who, per say, expect to have the Masterpiece delivered in one hour, and ideally, in exchange of a few pennies.

The aim of this post is to incept ,with some of my brilliant wit (ha ha.), a different idea and a better perspective of our (yes, the translators) job which cannot be quick, cheap and good at the same time, and I’m more than happy to explain you why with some nice examples:

Quick and good (and not cheap). Imagine you commission this beautiful and skilled translator (me) to translate a 5000 words engineering project, and imagine you need it within one day. Now, imagine this poor girl (me) reading your project, printing it, uploading it in a CAT tool. Imagine her research to adopt the best contextual translation, which in certain cases it may mean hours and hours of word search. Keep in mind she is a translator, and not a vocabulary, so it is absolutely normal what she does. Imagine the amount of coffee she needs to avoid falling asleep. After 6-7-8 hours non stop, the translation is finally completed at the speed of light. But she hasn’t finished yet. She needs to print the file and proofread it. More coffee, eyes are red. Do you really want to underpay such a long and strenuous job? I mean, you need a translation to be delivered in 24 hours, and you expect a high quality work, and it’s okay…But…Do you know that employers get paid for extraordinary hours? So do translators. 🙂

 Cheap and Good (and not quick). Same scenario as before. You can’t or you don’t want to pay that much money. In that case, if you really want to stick with your budget, don’t, really, don’t ask for absurd deadlines. Give us more time, even a longer deadline than the estimate one. You won’t like to be pressured in exchange of a few pennies, will you?

Quick and cheap (and not good). What more can I say? Would you care spending money, health and time to proofread or find the most perfect translation for such a deal? I don’t, sorry. Unless you’re asking me to translate one single sentence. In that case, I might take the trouble of double checking for that.

I hope this will clear things out a little. Just put yourselves in our shoes, that would be great if you’re looking for a translator. If you’re looking for slaves tomatoes instead, I’m sure you’ll find plenty in the black food market :p

Cheer up guyz!



Ps. Check also the Italian version of this post, translated by the talented Sheireen! Go to Sheireen’s Words