The Blogger’s Block: how events can make you feel uninspired

I haven’t written on my WordPress for a long time now, and I guess it is because the flow of the events that recently hit me has distracted me a lot.

If I don’t keep on writing I won’t improve my English writing skills, I said to myself, so I have decided to write a little just to get used to that again.

I’m probably going to write the most useless post ever, but I guess I need to start somewhere somehow, right?

Honestly, I believe I wasn’t very much inspired because of this bunch of unstoppable events – the graduation ceremony, the loss of a relative, disappointment from some people I care about, the volunteering project, the surgical operation, the application I’ve sent to the University for a MA in Translation and Interpreting, the TOEFL test and so on….

For the most part, I was mentally busy; a moltitude of feelings, ranging from the brightest happiness to the purest disappointment, has fogged my mind.

It’s not that I don’t know what to say, I’d actually love to write about many things. It is that I don’t know how. It’s like having a bottleneck at the bottom of your brains, where your thoughts are relentlessly trying to go through all together like a bunch of rushing cars driven by Greeks or Southern Italians. A total mess, basically.

Some people suggest to take a long break when you feel blocked. Well, the idea makes me very anxious, and I want to break the circle.

So yes, I don’t care how bad this post is, I will keep on posting useless stuff until inspiration comes back.

And you, do you know any good way to get rid of the writer’s block?



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