Last minute dementia, bits and bobs and my resolutions for 2013

Dear followers,

Today’s the last day of 2012 and while the most of you are probably enjoying your time eating mountains and mountains of food, I am here working – translating, writing and proofreading even today!

Well, I admit I’ve spent a few hours of this last day in total dementia playing with Lucy, in fact I have made a Christmas-themed video featuring her (you can see it here), and I have broken my glasses while running after her too.. -.-‘

Il buongiorno si vede dal mattino, we say in Italy.

Anyway, this little incident won’t prevent me from writing my good intentions for 2013, indeed here they are just for you:

1. Quit smoking. I am not really willing to do so at the moment, but I have a good “starting intention” – therefore I have bought an e-cigarette with liquorice aroma, in order to start to climbing on the  ” stairway to the non-smokers’ heaven “. :p

2. Save more money and invest it for my future education. Beginning my professional life as a freelance translator is a good revenue source, and I have also invested in a website I have created to list my services ( click here if you want to check it out). I will start to look for more jobs and save more money for further education -We love to keep our skills well sharpen’d, don’t we? I’d also love to thank whoever is helping me to improve my skills and my clients, who put a lot of trust in me and always give me good advice.

3. Read more books. During my academic years, most of the books I have read were for my literature exams: I have learned to love Anne Radcliffe’s The Italian, to re-value Pride and Prejudice, I’ve found interest in Schiller’s and Lessing’s works, to joke on Ezra Pound, to find my fantastic and weird ideas mirrored in “Ansichten Eines Clown”, and admire Keats’ poetry, as well as Rilke’s or Brecht’s. But I haven’t finished reading ” The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”,  neither have started reading “The Lord of Flies”, just to name some of the books I’m willing to read.

Well, for now that’s all. I hope I’ll manage to keep faith to all of my good intentions. 🙂

How about you? What are your resolutions for the new year???

Feel free to comment and share the love…Happy 2013!!!!!!!



“Quick, cheap, good: pick two” – Translation for dummies

Dear followers,Image

today’s post is dedicated to clients and other people who don’t know exactly what are the implications of a translation.

And generally, those kinds of people are the same who, per say, expect to have the Masterpiece delivered in one hour, and ideally, in exchange of a few pennies.

The aim of this post is to incept ,with some of my brilliant wit (ha ha.), a different idea and a better perspective of our (yes, the translators) job which cannot be quick, cheap and good at the same time, and I’m more than happy to explain you why with some nice examples:

Quick and good (and not cheap). Imagine you commission this beautiful and skilled translator (me) to translate a 5000 words engineering project, and imagine you need it within one day. Now, imagine this poor girl (me) reading your project, printing it, uploading it in a CAT tool. Imagine her research to adopt the best contextual translation, which in certain cases it may mean hours and hours of word search. Keep in mind she is a translator, and not a vocabulary, so it is absolutely normal what she does. Imagine the amount of coffee she needs to avoid falling asleep. After 6-7-8 hours non stop, the translation is finally completed at the speed of light. But she hasn’t finished yet. She needs to print the file and proofread it. More coffee, eyes are red. Do you really want to underpay such a long and strenuous job? I mean, you need a translation to be delivered in 24 hours, and you expect a high quality work, and it’s okay…But…Do you know that employers get paid for extraordinary hours? So do translators. 🙂

 Cheap and Good (and not quick). Same scenario as before. You can’t or you don’t want to pay that much money. In that case, if you really want to stick with your budget, don’t, really, don’t ask for absurd deadlines. Give us more time, even a longer deadline than the estimate one. You won’t like to be pressured in exchange of a few pennies, will you?

Quick and cheap (and not good). What more can I say? Would you care spending money, health and time to proofread or find the most perfect translation for such a deal? I don’t, sorry. Unless you’re asking me to translate one single sentence. In that case, I might take the trouble of double checking for that.

I hope this will clear things out a little. Just put yourselves in our shoes, that would be great if you’re looking for a translator. If you’re looking for slaves tomatoes instead, I’m sure you’ll find plenty in the black food market :p

Cheer up guyz!



Ps. Check also the Italian version of this post, translated by the talented Sheireen! Go to Sheireen’s Words

Pope on Twitter : the domino effect of social media

In the last few years, the social media phenomenon has seen the remarkable increasing of social media users. Facebook and Twitter, Pinterest , and Google+ – to name a few- have linked people from all over the world, from housewives to businessmen, from politician to singers and so on.


But that’s not all. Since today, a new public figure has joined the Twitter community under the account of @Pontifex: mesdames et monsieurs, le Pope is on Twitter!

It’s unbelievable, I know. Actually, I’ve learned about this on Facebook just a few hours ago, when suddenly my friends were starting to share some unusual, funny Tweets addressed to His Most Reverend Excellency.

Besides the classical “good” tweets indeed, I’ve found out that the Pope’s today signing up has unleashed a huge domino effect among several atheists on Twitter.

Here some of the Tweets that have made me fall off my chair and that were worth translating for my English speaking followers:


  • @Pontifex is Benedict XVI’s generic account. So, when the Pope is dead, long live the Pope.
  • #askaquestiontothepope @Pontifex have you sent the Mary-spacebar-Joseph sms to 48118 to find out their compatibility percentage?
  • @Pontifex Is the ” Papa-papa-Razi” song your favourite one?
  • @Pontifex hey, have Corithians answered after all those letters?
  • @Pontifex was disappointed when he found out that 50 Shades of Grey has sold better than the Bible!
  •  Dear His Holiness, do you realize that @Pontifex sounds more like a condom brand?
  • @Pontifex, since you are being so innovative, will you fill the hosts with nutella?
  • @Pontifex, when will you publish your video-tutorial on Youtube to transform water into wine?
  • @Pontifex, if i tweet a blasphemy, will you hashtag me with an excommunication?
  • If i flag @Pontifex as spam to Twitter, do you think I’ll go to Hell?
  • Benedict XVI has opened the @Pontifex account today, but he will remain silent until the 12th of December: Papa don’t tweet.
  • @Pontifex, have you already started posting your pictures in the bathroom?
  • @Pontifex, since you’re all men in there, why don’t you change ” VATICAN” to “VATICANAL“?
  • @Pontifex will you help us entering the #hoemary tendency?
  • The first Pope tweet will be sent on the 12.12.12, that divided by two makes 666. @Pontifex I find this totally blaspheme!

Gosh, there are so many funny posts, but it’s really hard to post them all!

And you? What would you ask to the Pope? 🙂