To work or not to work, pros and cons of a freelancer

Dear followers,

I know I don’t update my blog very often, and this means one thing: I’m really, really busy working. Which is good for me. To be honest though, it would be even better if projects didn’t come all together in one week -and with one week deadline!
Besides shifting from a scientific to a tourism-related translation and back, I had to complete a SEO content project for an old client, set up my new website, AAND….crème de la crème, I have been hired as an interpreter from an Italian woman who needs to be cured in a British clinic. Starting from December and for three weeks, Aenbarz goes to London! Which is also good for me.
Working is indeed very important to me, especially considering my economical situation; Az wasn’t so happy though, when I shamelessly forgot about the Christmas concert we’re supposed to attend together. :/
Which isn’t good for me. Az is more important than my job. My friends, my family, the ugly Lucy (yea my horrific dog) are more important than the richest job on Earth. In that moment I felt tiny, for some reason I thought about the day I’ll have a family: how am I gonna be a good wife and mother, if – whenever I’m very busy working- I forget about my people, my promises and other important events in my life?
In conclusion: having a job and keeping yourself busy are a
great thing. Nevertheless, working isn’t your life. It is just one of the small components of your life. A good tip for freelancers who make use of platforms such as would be this: don’t apply for more than one job in one week if you don’t plan first your whole day and all the possible scenarios that come when handling more than one project; everything should be planned in function of your everyday, social life.


The horrific Lucy


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