No Pride and Prejudice or, Open up Yourself to the World’s Challenges.

Holy pandas, the weekend has not come yet and i am already done with this intensively intense week!

Let me recap my world’s challenges of the week:

  • Conciliation with best friend . As i said in the last post, my best friend ( Cla ) and i have discussed and have made things clear about a past event.
  • Godda** Thesis. That’s because I love to trouble myself! Indeed I have chosen to do some research in German literature, aware of the syntactic structure difficulty of the essays i am supposed to analyze. Like, seriously, the recurring structure of sentences is:  MAIN CLAUSE, SECONDARY CLAUSE, SUBORDINATE TO SECONDARY CLAUSE, ANOTHER SECONDARY CLAUSE SUBORDINATE TO THE MAIN CLAUSE, THE REST OF THE MAIN CLAUSE. Ju is the half-German friend who’s helping me to sort out this mess, and today she has clearly said : ” Mein Gott! Ich habe gerade Kopfschmerzen!!!!!”  …No wonder why i find it almost impossible to translate it…I AM SMART, YEA. But i am not willing to give up. I am doing something that i like and i don’t care if i can’t find any Italian source, i will stick with the German ones, and i will try to do my best for it.
  • Last week, Az came back from Poland. He gave me a souvenir he bought in Krakow – a dragon , the symbol of the city! No, not a real dragon of course.                                                                                                                                                                                     ImageAnd here the joke is mandatory: he got me…a dragon ball!  :3
    When i peeped at his desk, i noticed some suspicious piece of paper sticking out of a yellow notebook. The day after, while he was away, i sneaked in his room and pulled the suspicious paper out of the book to see what was written on it. ” Hello, my name is Az, what’s yours?” or: ” These are my friends” and finally: ” You are very  beautiful”. If that kind of hurt me, i have managed to see the good side of it anyway. I admit that rather than falling in the cliché of the jealous girlfriend, i have focused on what was lying beyond those words. Az loves meeting people. Whether it’s about a young girl, a kid, or an old retired man, it doesn’t matter; he talks to them out of the blue, and if they need help or want to have a long chat, he is there all ears. In that coffee shop in Poland, he slipped that piece of paper on two deaf girls’ table. ( While his friends whispered at him : ” Why, let’s go!” ). He didn’t know the manual alphabet, and i am sure he made their day. And when i think of all of that. I can’t but open myself and admire how it is hard to find someone who is actually interested in people.
  • Oh, and for the record; on this yellow book, there was written: ” Friend. Someone you’ll always find on your way back home.” * And with this, i think i have had the most beautiful, warming epiphany of my life.

* i am not sure if the sentence is correct, i have striven hard to remember…but it was something very nice to read…i am the worst ninja ever!


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