Remember, Remember the fifth of November, I am a badass gamer at Battlefield 2 (or else, playing Battlefiled is my mantra)


Yes. I am firmly convinced that videogames help one’s body to release bad energy constrained in their body.

Before an exam or any other important event  that causes me stress, i play action videogames.

Today, for istance, i’ve played Battlefield for an hour. If my memory isn’t tricking me, I was in a mission somewhere in Russia or Georgia, and i had to protect a satellite from the Russians (f**** Russians, no offence, grrr!) . The bastards had many RPGs on the roofs, and  – seriously – that has given me a hard time!

Luckily i am a badass sniper in videogames ( oh, Hitman, how much i miss you T_T ) so…after figuring out how to finish that mission, preventing them from destroying the satellite, i have made use of my sniper skills to shoot them straight in their  head! ( Don’t look at me like that! In real life i wouldn’t even kill a fly :p)

Today, Liz has made me hear some mantra she  saved in an audio file while discussing about a few projects at Uni. That was an amazing experience, i have to be honest; Mantras are truly relaxing.

But i am afraid that videogames will always have a certain priority in my top relaxing activities. Then Mantra. Then the sound of vacuum cleaner (oooh…i always imagine myself as a cat vacuumed on its back when i listen to that white noise….meow =^^= ).

And the sound of an hairdryer.

And rain.


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