Welcome to aenbarzcorner!

So…yea this is the first post..sincerely, i don’t know what to write yet..hmm…Oh yea! Why not introducing myself first? 🙂


My name is Antonella, and i am from Italy. I am 26 years old and i am currently a freelance writer and translator (Watch how funny and nervous i am in this video i have made for a Freelancing platform, lol) . My topics of interest vary from literature to videogames, so expect anything on here ( and when i say ANYTHING i really mean it); 

WAIT!.. i know what’s in your head right now; you’re wondering yourself why i am writing in English, right?

Well, let’s put it this way: sometimes i feel more comfortable when writing in English rather than Italian. ( guess it’s because i speak English 2/3 of my day?) 🙂

What more can i say about me?

Oh yea. I HAVE A DOG. A very ugly dog. Here’s her picture.

Her name is Lucy, and i really hate her. She  likes to do absurd things indeed, such as  opening her “gas tank” near my face while i am sleeping, or eat my slippers. 😡

Okay, for now that’s all. Thanks for stumbling upon here, i hope to come up with something interesting next time 🙂


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