One thing Freelancers think at least once in their life!

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I’ve had this feeling several times at the end of a project. Has it ever happened to you?

Please share if you feel the same way!

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To work or not to work, pros and cons of a freelancer

Dear followers,

I know I don’t update my blog very often, and this means one thing: I’m really, really busy working. Which is good for me. To be honest though, it would be even better if projects didn’t come all together in one week -and with one week deadline!
Besides shifting from a scientific to a tourism-related translation and back, I had to complete a SEO content project for an old client, set up my new website, AAND….crème de la crème, I have been hired as an interpreter from an Italian woman who needs to be cured in a British clinic. Starting from December and for three weeks, Aenbarz goes to London! Which is also good for me.
Working is indeed very important to me, especially considering my economical situation; Az wasn’t so happy though, when I shamelessly forgot about the Christmas concert we’re supposed to attend together. :/
Which isn’t good for me. Az is more important than my job. My friends, my family, the ugly Lucy (yea my horrific dog) are more important than the richest job on Earth. In that moment I felt tiny, for some reason I thought about the day I’ll have a family: how am I gonna be a good wife and mother, if – whenever I’m very busy working- I forget about my people, my promises and other important events in my life?
In conclusion: having a job and keeping yourself busy are a
great thing. Nevertheless, working isn’t your life. It is just one of the small components of your life. A good tip for freelancers who make use of platforms such as would be this: don’t apply for more than one job in one week if you don’t plan first your whole day and all the possible scenarios that come when handling more than one project; everything should be planned in function of your everyday, social life.


The horrific Lucy

No Pride and Prejudice or, Open up Yourself to the World’s Challenges.

Holy pandas, the weekend has not come yet and i am already done with this intensively intense week!

Let me recap my world’s challenges of the week:

  • Conciliation with best friend . As i said in the last post, my best friend ( Cla ) and i have discussed and have made things clear about a past event.
  • Godda** Thesis. That’s because I love to trouble myself! Indeed I have chosen to do some research in German literature, aware of the syntactic structure difficulty of the essays i am supposed to analyze. Like, seriously, the recurring structure of sentences is:  MAIN CLAUSE, SECONDARY CLAUSE, SUBORDINATE TO SECONDARY CLAUSE, ANOTHER SECONDARY CLAUSE SUBORDINATE TO THE MAIN CLAUSE, THE REST OF THE MAIN CLAUSE. Ju is the half-German friend who’s helping me to sort out this mess, and today she has clearly said : ” Mein Gott! Ich habe gerade Kopfschmerzen!!!!!”  …No wonder why i find it almost impossible to translate it…I AM SMART, YEA. But i am not willing to give up. I am doing something that i like and i don’t care if i can’t find any Italian source, i will stick with the German ones, and i will try to do my best for it.
  • Last week, Az came back from Poland. He gave me a souvenir he bought in Krakow – a dragon , the symbol of the city! No, not a real dragon of course.                                                                                                                                                                                     ImageAnd here the joke is mandatory: he got me…a dragon ball!  :3
    When i peeped at his desk, i noticed some suspicious piece of paper sticking out of a yellow notebook. The day after, while he was away, i sneaked in his room and pulled the suspicious paper out of the book to see what was written on it. ” Hello, my name is Az, what’s yours?” or: ” These are my friends” and finally: ” You are very  beautiful”. If that kind of hurt me, i have managed to see the good side of it anyway. I admit that rather than falling in the cliché of the jealous girlfriend, i have focused on what was lying beyond those words. Az loves meeting people. Whether it’s about a young girl, a kid, or an old retired man, it doesn’t matter; he talks to them out of the blue, and if they need help or want to have a long chat, he is there all ears. In that coffee shop in Poland, he slipped that piece of paper on two deaf girls’ table. ( While his friends whispered at him : ” Why, let’s go!” ). He didn’t know the manual alphabet, and i am sure he made their day. And when i think of all of that. I can’t but open myself and admire how it is hard to find someone who is actually interested in people.
  • Oh, and for the record; on this yellow book, there was written: ” Friend. Someone you’ll always find on your way back home.” * And with this, i think i have had the most beautiful, warming epiphany of my life.

* i am not sure if the sentence is correct, i have striven hard to remember…but it was something very nice to read…i am the worst ninja ever!

The Importance of Being Honest or, Lies don’t bring you anywhere


It always comes a time in your life, when you, the worst liar in the world, have to face a moment where you are obliged to lie, maybe to someone you really care about.

Well, that worst liar it’s me. It doesn’t really matter the reason why i have lied to my best friend, but i have to say, it felt like being slowly chewed by some unclassified being inside your heart. 

And we all know that  one day or another, truth always come to surface. Trust me, ALWAYS

So someone who knew i lied to her, told her i was hiding something. To her. My best friend. I have almost lost her, for a lie; the idea made me feel even worse, so, after a week of shame –that uncomfortable feeling that makes you feel like if you wanted to disappear from the face of the world – today i have decided to tell her the truth in front of a hot cup of coffee and – that was inevitable- a fairly thick floods of teardrops. 

In the end, i think she has understood my reasons, but i can’t ask her to forgive me right away. Of course, i feel much better without that burden, that was a very hard one to carry.

Moral of the story: No matter why you  lie. No matter if it is for a good reason. Lies don’t bring you anywhere.





Remember, Remember the fifth of November, I am a badass gamer at Battlefield 2 (or else, playing Battlefiled is my mantra)


Yes. I am firmly convinced that videogames help one’s body to release bad energy constrained in their body.

Before an exam or any other important event  that causes me stress, i play action videogames.

Today, for istance, i’ve played Battlefield for an hour. If my memory isn’t tricking me, I was in a mission somewhere in Russia or Georgia, and i had to protect a satellite from the Russians (f**** Russians, no offence, grrr!) . The bastards had many RPGs on the roofs, and  – seriously – that has given me a hard time!

Luckily i am a badass sniper in videogames ( oh, Hitman, how much i miss you T_T ) so…after figuring out how to finish that mission, preventing them from destroying the satellite, i have made use of my sniper skills to shoot them straight in their  head! ( Don’t look at me like that! In real life i wouldn’t even kill a fly :p)

Today, Liz has made me hear some mantra she  saved in an audio file while discussing about a few projects at Uni. That was an amazing experience, i have to be honest; Mantras are truly relaxing.

But i am afraid that videogames will always have a certain priority in my top relaxing activities. Then Mantra. Then the sound of vacuum cleaner (oooh…i always imagine myself as a cat vacuumed on its back when i listen to that white noise….meow =^^= ).

And the sound of an hairdryer.

And rain.

Welcome to aenbarzcorner!

So…yea this is the first post..sincerely, i don’t know what to write yet..hmm…Oh yea! Why not introducing myself first? 🙂


My name is Antonella, and i am from Italy. I am 26 years old and i am currently a freelance writer and translator (Watch how funny and nervous i am in this video i have made for a Freelancing platform, lol) . My topics of interest vary from literature to videogames, so expect anything on here ( and when i say ANYTHING i really mean it); 

WAIT!.. i know what’s in your head right now; you’re wondering yourself why i am writing in English, right?

Well, let’s put it this way: sometimes i feel more comfortable when writing in English rather than Italian. ( guess it’s because i speak English 2/3 of my day?) 🙂

What more can i say about me?

Oh yea. I HAVE A DOG. A very ugly dog. Here’s her picture.

Her name is Lucy, and i really hate her. She  likes to do absurd things indeed, such as  opening her “gas tank” near my face while i am sleeping, or eat my slippers. 😡

Okay, for now that’s all. Thanks for stumbling upon here, i hope to come up with something interesting next time 🙂